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Cameras and Camera Equipment

Sadly, most of the local camera shops have disappeared. One reason they've disappeared is B&H Photo Video in New York, a company that has an incredible line of photo equipment and a very good web site that'll help you find what you need. Another good one is Adorama

Camera Reviews

Dpreview, which you'll go to if you click the title, is the most complete source for reviews of new and slightly older cameras and lenses I've found. Another very good site for reviews is Imaging Resource.

Paper and Ink

Here's the best source for paper and ink I've found. They ship from several locations around the U.S., so delivery usually is very prompt.

Sensor Cleaning

If you're shooting with a camera that lets you change lenses, sooner or later you're going to need to clean your camera's sensor. Yes, even if you have a shake system that's supposed to shake off the crud when you start the camera.. This site has quite complete information on sensor cleaning materials, procedures, and options.


Know all about handling and preserving the batteries in your camera? Here's a place to learn all about the various kinds of batteries we use in our cameras.

Photography and the Law

Bert Krages is an attorney who's also a dedicated street photographer. At this site you can download his single-page summary of the laws that apply to photography, print the PDF file, and stuff it into your camera bag so that the next time a rent-a-cop tries to stop you on the street you can show him the sheet and suggest that if he doesn't back off he may be in big trouble.

Digital Printing

This site is loaded with informationh on good information on digital printing, with special attention to black and white.

Clear Plastic Bags - A Source

The source for archival clear plastic bags.

Cameras That Shoot Raw

This site has a list that's updated when new cameras come out.

Matting and Framing

Here's a site that has a good article on conservation matting and framing.

How Long Will Your Prints Last?

Wilhelm Research is a company that tests paper and ink combinations for longevity.

Depth of Field Table

Here's a site Dick Metcalf came up with. It has depth of field tables for a vast range of cameras and lenses.

General Photo Tips

This site has a lot of information on all sorts of photographic subjects.