Hawthorne Photography Club


Photographs © Russ Lewis


If you're interested in photography as an art form we'd love to have you join us. Beginning in the 2015-2016 season we'll meet the first and third Tuesdays in the Lime room at 3:00 p.m. For specifics, please check our schedule.


When you see the terms "fine art" and "photography" joined as a single phrase you might think you need advanced equipment to do the job.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The simplest point-and-shoot camera can produce fine art, provided you've reached an understanding of what you're setting out to do. It's especially true of street photography that whatever's in your hand can do the job, including a cell phone.  As Henri Cartier-Bresson, the most influential photographer of the twentieth century said: "Photographing is nothing. Looking is everything." Yyou need to know what kind of thing you're looking for, and you need to become infinitely familiar with your equipment so you can grab it while it's still there.


For the 2016-2017 season we'll explore various photographic genres: street photography, landscape photography, wabi sabi photography (google it) and nature photography among others. We'll dig into topics such as tradeoffs between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO (light sensitivity), and we'll include demonstrations and exercises on such things as capturing movement with shutter speed, controlling depth of field with aperture, and the effects of lens length on linear perspective and depth of field (what's in focus and what's not).


We'll spend plenty of time in informal discussions, covering objectives and problems to be examined and resolved. In many cases meetings will include a thirty-minute movie by a famous photographer.


We'll also have formal presentations on specific subjects. For instance, early in the season we'll demonstrate the use of the club's mat cutter. Later on we'll have at least one session on artificial light photography and portraiture. If you have a subject you'd like to see discussed you'll be able to bring it up, and if your subject is of concern to enough members we'll schedule a session led by someone familiar with the topic.


Once a month we'll collect matted prints from members who choose to print and mat their photographs for display on our display board in the main hallway. We'll critique photographs if their authors would like to submit pictures for critique. We'll try to suggest ways to avoid problems. If we see a flaw that pops up fairly often we'll put together a training session on how to fix the problem.


If you've had experience with post-processing tools like Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, or any other software used to produce final images you might want to consider conducting a teaching session for the other members. This season's schedule will stay flexible and will allow changes as we go along.


At the moment we don't require dues, and we don't expect club members to be at every meeting. All  you have to do to join is show up.


The March Art Show: Each year, usually in March, in conjunction with the Hawthorne Fine Arts club, the Photography club sponsors a photographic exhibition. Hawthorne residents are invited to participate whether or not they're members of the Club. Prints may be color or black and white and must be framed and hung by wire only. There's no size limit for entries, but for frames larger than 16 x 20 inches, exhibitors may be required to provide their own easels.